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Finding the right therapist is not always easy. Especially during these difficult times. Whether we work together or not, it might help to read this article about successful therapy.


I provide evidence-based Treatment for:

Anxiety | Depression | ADHD | Stress | Insomnia, and more.

Everyone is different, which is why I have an integrated approach to therapy, combining different modalities that best suit you; including depth psychology, relational techniques, psychoanalytic, evidence-based treatment, biofeedback, and mind-body medicine.


I provide time-limited (20 sessions) psychotherapy, and occasionally have availability for new patients as others graduate from treatment. To check my current availability, schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation


I also offer Telehealth (video psychotherapy) for anyone in California. Research indicates that Telehealth appears to be as effective as in-person therapy. I've been providing video therapy for several years and my clients have found it to be both effective and convenient. 

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