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Neurotherapy is the therapeutic use of neurofeedback, which is not new! However, recent advancements in technology are significantly improving the ways we can train your brain toward optimum health.

Is it effective?


Research indicates that neurofeedback is effective and complementary in the treatment of many conditions including ADHD, brain injury, posttraumatic stress, seizures, anxiety, insomnia, OCD, eating disorders, depression and more. Furthermore, corporate executives, musicians, artists, and Olympic athletes use biofeedback and neurofeedback to reach their peaks in competition and performance.

We offer several types of neurofeedback, including traditional Amplitude Training, surface Z-Score Training, Coherence Training, ISF Neurofeedback, and sLORETA.

Each session is conducted by a qualified technician and includes dedicated time with Dr. Damian, Clinical Psychologist, to review progress, answer questions, and provide supportive therapies.

As with any therapy, there are pros and cons of treatment. If you have any questions, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Now Offering Home Neurofeedback

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