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For Clinics

Seamlessly add Neurofeedback to your clinic!

Why add Neurofeedback?

Woman & Doctor

Monitor Progress

Improve outcomes and accelerate healing.

Brain Mapping

Examine patient brain functioning before and after your treatments.

Expert Neurofeedback Clinicians

Offer neurotherapy from a trained professional.

Clinic Decoration

How Does It Work?

​​​​​Option 1: Your Office | Staff | Equipment


We train and supervise your technicians as they administer treatment. ​



  • Neurofeedback in the convenience of your office or the patients home

  • Flexibility to grow your neurofeedback program

  • Lower cost to you and your patients

Option 2: Our Office | Staff | Equipment


Your patients work directly with staff at our Oakland Clinic.​


Benefits: ​


  • Start immediately​

  • Low overhead

  • No office space, staff, or equipment necessary



  • Brain Injury

  • Depression

  • ADHD

  • Eating Disorder

  • Anxiety and more...

Patient Experience: Beginning to End

Step 1: Initial Screening (Reason for referral)

Step 2: Intake Questionnaire/Baseline Assessment and Consent

Step 3: qEEG Brain Mapping

Step 4: Video appointment with Dr. Damian to review results and provide treatment recommendations

Step 5: Weekly Neurofeedback with Technician, Access to Vantage Health supportive therapies

Step 6: Routine video feedback appointment with Dr. Damian, Progress Monitoring, and Supportive Therapy

Step 7: qEEG Brain Mapping, Questionnaire

Step 8: Feedback appointment with Dr. Damian to review results and Provide treatment recommendations*


*(Patients typically complete 40 sessions of neurofeedback and three brain maps)

Andrew Damian, PsyD, BCN
Founder of Mind Body Treatment

With doctoral training in neuropsychology, pain psychology, and neurofeedback, Dr. Damian is changing how mental healthcare is delivered. 

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