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Dr. Sofya Vasilyeva (Dr. Vas) is currently completing her Post Doctoral Training under the supervision of Dr. Damian and has over four years of experience working with adults, families, and children with various difficulties including addictions, personality disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and more. 

Prior to her role at Mind Body Treatment - Dr. Vas served as a clinical director at Cielo House, a residential facility for people with eating disorders, where she oversaw the treatment team and facilitated individual, family, and group therapy. Treatment modalities included DBT, CBT, and psychodynamic therapy. 

Before working at Cielo House, Dr. Vas completed her practicum at the Community Institute of Psychotherapy where she conducted individual and family therapy and worked at Davidson Middle School with adolescents struggling with ADHD and other issues. 

Dr. Vas completed her doctoral program at Pacifica Graduate Institute and defended her dissertation on Holotropic Breathwork for Adult Daughters of Alcoholics. Dr. Vas has also published a book titled Misery to MASTERY: Straight Talking Facts and Worksheets to Conquer Symptoms of Being an Adult Child of an Alcoholic!

Post Doctoral Psych Associate

With specialty training in eating disorders.

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